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The Future of the Video Set Top

It has been a number of years since Faultline has taken a close look at the set top in a report, reviewing its future role and likely feature set changes.

In this free comprehensive review of set top technology and market drivers, we investigate the main topics that are redefining the future for set tops:

  • Architectural changes to the set top platform: functions that are most likely to be on device, in the cloud and at the edge of the network
  • Need for faster time to market which is driving the migration of functions from specialized hardware to software-driven functions
  • User Experience as a source of differentiation, and the new features that will drive change
  • Important developments in the ecosystem including: Security, Codecs, Middleware, Content Rights and Hardware
 Download the free report to understand how these topics are reshaping the set top.
This free report is sponsored by Accenture Digital Video.

The Rethink Difference—and Method
The incredible shrinking set top keeps getting bigger
The future of the set top
Feature set
Business drivers
Cost reduction as a driver
So what was Middleware before?
Legacy set tops and the Cloud
Feature acceleration drives the way to set tops as software
Future hardware features
The wishes of content owners and the chain of rights
Summary—Trends in the modern set top
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