Rethink is expert in technology; Wireless, Video and the Internet of Things. Unlike some analyst groups, we don’t sugar coat how tough the future will be.

To us these three areas are the most interesting and rich eco-systems in technology –cellular has some massive challenges ahead, but remains the largest technology industry in the world. Video, to quote Star Trek’s captain Kirk is the final frontier for technology, the toughest test of any network; and the internet of things teaches us to think differently about what role the cloud can have.

Fresh waves of technology are arriving more frequently, leaving some industries to cope with sudden, radical change – change in what is expected of them; change in their investment requirements; change in their route to market formulas.

The CEOs we consult with tell us that planning a technology business today is tougher than at any other time in history. What makes it difficult are the number of rival technologies which are colliding in a single technology space.

In cellular an operator has to think about changing the underlying bearer technology, the declining value of voice, the invasion of OTT service rivals, the use of more and smaller cells.

At the same time the RAN architecture is fragmenting – things that all used to be on one place – antennas, baseband, packet conversion, video optimization – have moved to different points in the network, all because cellular has to chase cloud economies.

There is not a single piece of equipment that went into 3rd generation cellular that remains unchanged in its 4th generation, it is organized chaos. Terms such as DAS, Cloud RAN and SuperMIMo did not exist one technology generation ago. Today they are essential.

It is like this in all areas of technology – and without companies  like Rethink, who understand a broad range of technologies, it would be very easy to think inside the square and be unable to surprise your competition.

Rethink helps you do this in a number of ways – Here are a few

  • Through a consulting relationship to advise on strategy
  • Through surveys to see which technologies will win out
  • We write detailed technology reports, predicting uptake
  • White papers explaining the key benefits of new technologies
  • Weekly research bulletins which narrate industry change
  • Distribute FREE weekly summaries on our three themes

Always we emphasize our secret ingredient – we don’t sugar coat the future. We tell it warts and all.

Rethink has been consulting and publishing since 2002 and before that its principals have been involved in this business since the 1980s. We have witnessed the decline of the mainframe and proprietary server architectures – and the emergence of the PC, the Internet and smart phone, smart TV and now the smart home.

We have conducted consulting assignments for many of the largest technology based businesses in the world, as well as some of the newest and freshest businesses. These have included writing business plans, supporting board room discussion and decisions, selecting suppliers, finding capital, writing white papers, and sparking ideas among strategy groups.

Our philosophy is simple. Assessing technology is not rocket science and requires experience, perspective, and understanding where technology is right now and what it will do in its next generation. Our longevity gives us an understanding of how markets develop, age and die and we can spot which of these phases an industry is in.

Let us help Rethink your business. Contact us today.